Relax. Appreciate this moment.

What would you do, how would you be, if you only had a few weeks left to live?

During the first class of Ramya’s workshop, ‘Three Weeks to Live and Die’, one of the practices was a guided meditation in which we connected with our higher self to offer some wisdom for our life. The words I received were: ‘Relax Solomon. Appreciate this moment.’

This is my interpretation:

Relax: A reminder to calm the mind, to breathe deeply, slow down, to notice what is happening that could be causing stress to, and a disconnection with, this precious body.

Solomon: A reminder to bring perspective to the relationship between my essence or true Self and my ego-identity, in order to loosen my attachment to the identity of Solomon and the projections of who Solomon is, what he should do, and how he should live his life.

Appreciate: A reminder that feeling grateful opens my heart to greater acceptance, joy, peace, love, empathy and compassion.

This: A reminder to connect with what is here, and to not miss a chance to feel and live this singular experience, beit easy or hard, painful or joyful.

Moment: A reminder that each moment is temporary. For better or worse, we have the guarantee that each moment is continually renewing itself. So, why not bring some presence and openness to moment, for what it is and what it has to offer?

Over the weekend, there was a lot going on and I felt overwhelmed at certain moments. Several times, I gently told myself to relax and appreciate this moment. Each time I said this, I could notice the immediate dissipation of mental and emotional intensity as well as the patterns of irrational thinking connected to the intensity I was experiencing. It was helpful to witness the fast and positive impact of telling myself to relax and appreciate. I felt empowered to realize how quickly and easily I could change my state of being.

Amidst your daily responsibilities and commitments, I invite you to offer yourself moments to connect with your higher self, that wise presence that resides within your being. From that quiet and still place, you can ask it questions about what it needs, what’s most important in this moment, or for any wisdom that it might have for you. I invite you to be curious, open, and willing to connect with this deeper part of you and the wisdom it has to offer.

Solomon Krueger