Find Your Freedom!

Are you feeling stuck? Confused? Disconnected?

Individual sessions with Flowland founder Solomon Krueger can give you the opportunity to connect deeply in order to explore and express your truth. With an intuitive and embodied approach, these sessions gently guide you towards revelation and inspired living.


What can you expect?

In the individual sessions, I create a safe space for you to explore the nature of your current experience, including what you seek and what is blocking you from achieving that. The process of feeling what’s present in your mind and body can be profoundly life-changing.

To facilitate new insights, breakthroughs and strategies, I bring to the sessions my loving presence along with embodied practices that include inquiry, breathwork, and focusing.

My approach is inherently personalized. I value each person’s epic journey. Together, with curiosity and creativity, we find your map, compass, and other tools you need to navigate towards your desired goals.

- Solomon



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explore new pathways and possibilities and gain freedom and clarity in your life.