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Discover exciting new pathways to amplify the fullness of your life. The body, the breath and the senses, including your intuition, serve as guides along the path to getting in better touch with yourself and others.

Your Pathways



Your voice is a powerful means of expression. When you express yourself authentically, your voice emerges as a natural expression of your innermost truth. As you connect in this process, you can gain confidence in yourself and how you relate to others.



Connecting to your breath and your body allows you to better access, honour, and release your feelings. As you breathe, move and help circulate the energy, you can become aware of the information stored inside. By attuning in this way, you can bring yourself into greater alignment and feel more freedom.


Honouring life starts with listening to your heart’s desires and needs. When you open your heart to give and receive honestly, with love and compassion, bright new possibilities can emerge in your life.

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Please keep in mind that even though it's mentioned that people are affectionate and hugging at Flowland, not all events involve touch.


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Book an individual session with Flowland founder Solomon Krueger and experience a gentle and embodied approach that helps you to look closely at what's going on beneath the surface. The insights and clarity you receive become the source of a new way of being.

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