+ Who is Flowland for?

Flowland is here to help those with a desire to:

  • Feel accepted, respected, welcomed, and seen as they are, without a need to change anything about themselves

  • Feel the caring presence, openness and empathy of the facilitators and other members

  • Feel a sense of belonging in a community with shared values

  • Be in a safe space to practice communication skills and explore personal boundaries

  • Learn how to be with personal discomforts, face their fears, find personal breakthroughs, and cultivate greater health and well-being.

+ Do I need to have a particular experience or background?

The events are welcome to anyone with an open-mind and curiosity, willing to respect the guidelines or agreements that are set in the events offered.

+ What are the benefits of attending events at Flowland?

Participation in Flowland activities and services supports the increase of: self-awareness, self-acceptance, vital energy, self-care, body-awareness, clarity, trust, authentic and creative expression, inspiration, empowerment, alignment; along with feelings of: joy, gratitude, balance, clarity, connectedness, fullness, peacefulness, belonging, and well-being.

+ What are the guidelines or agreements for Flowland events?

Generally speaking, in order to create an intentional and safe space for people, it helps to set a container with clear guidelines that everyone agrees to.

Here are the Flowland guidelines:

  1. Show up fully, which includes a commitment to honour yourself and others; to take responsibility for your experience and not to blame or shame others for their choices, beliefs or feelings.
  2. Honour other. Respect everyone’s experience. Honour other to honour themselves and their own experiences.
  3. To be curious, to listen deeply to what is going on in the present moment, noticing stories or beliefs that might be causing judgements, assumptions or other obstacles from experiencing what is actually happening.
  4. Go to your edge and play full out. This involves experiencing things that are less familiar and sometimes uncomfortable. It can also include becoming aware of your desires, needs, feelings, and boundaries.
  5. To invite the possibility of meeting our individual and collective needs and desires. This starts by being open to a field of possibilities, where something new can show up that has never been experienced, something that can change your ways of perceiving, thinking and living.

+ How do I register and pay for an event?

Most events require pre-registration and payment beforehand. Registration details are given when you look at the description of each event listed. Your payment will be processed by Stripe or Paypal (whichever you prefer) through an encrypted and secure connection. Flowland Creations does not have access to your banking information nor to your credit card number.

+ Is there an early registration discount?

For some events, there is a discount for early-bird registration. Full payment online is required. Registration details and deadlines are given on the page of each event.

+ What if I’m late to an event or workshop?

Events close the door at the indicated start time. The reason is that we want to create a safe space for people's experience. It’s best to arrive 10-15 minutes early.

+ What should I wear or bring?

It depends on the nature of the event: For movement, expression and touch-related events, it’s recommended to wear comfortable clothing, similar to what you would wear to a yoga class. For workshops, where there is more dialogue and information exchange, you may want to bring a notebook.

+ What is the cancellation policy?

Tickets are transferable but not refundable. This means that you can sell your ticket to someone else.

+ Where are the events happening?

Events happen in different locations. See the event description for the address.

+ Is alcohol or recreational drugs permitted during events or retreats?

Flowland strongly encourages people to respect an alcohol-free and substance-free space. The events at Flowland provide opportunities for people to discover how substances aren’t necessary in order to have fun and powerful experiences or to share deep and meaningful connections. A substance-free space helps to foster trust, presence and connection in harmonious ways.

+ What is the age range at most events?

The age range is quite diverse, from 20s to 60s. We welcome cross-generational exchanges, just as we welcome diversity of all kinds at Flowland.

+ What about children?

Please inquire for the specific events whether children are welcome.