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Tantra: Healing root and heart

  • Flowland 5369 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, #310 Montréal, QC, H2T 1S5 Canada (carte)

Bilingual workshop for women

Women, sisters, friends, kindhearted warriors, mothers, grandmothers…let’s gather to heal and open up to trust, love and grace among ourselves.

Before villages and tribes became large cities, women gathered to cook, talk, exchange plants and herbs, take care of the kids, making sure that all were well taken care of, and also to assist one another to heal. Women are made to receive and give love; this is the most fundamental quality of the female energy. This full-day of healing work will help us, women, to reconnect with the space of abundant love for the self and for life.

During this workshop, we will together dive deep to meet our blockages, fears, traumas, tensions and anything that hold us back from connecting with our inner beauty and power in a safe and respectful environment. We won't be doing the healing in one day, this is a life journey, however together, we will ground one solid step on our road to more wellness for each one present.

The main exercise of the day will a ritual intended to help identify and release blockages we may hold in our heart and root chakras, whether caused by traumatic experiences, fears, stuck emotions or believes. We will be working in small groups for this exercise so each one can be witnessed and given acceptance and love during her healing process. This is the strength of the Together.

Women naturally open their Yoni when her heart feels nourished by love. Yoni means "sacred space" in Sanskrit and refers to the female genitals. Very often the vitality of our Yoni and its ability to access pleasure are limited by bad experiences, traumas, cellular memories and especially the physical and emotional stresses caused by our modern way of life. When we are cut off from our root, we are cut off from our precious sexual energy; our source of creativity, abundance and innate feminine power. This energy is the most powerful energy we have as we create life with it. This vitality allows us to live our desires with greater ease because we are in contact with our foundation and all the power it holds.

When we become a woman and are one with our Yoni, we dare more and big because we feel safe. We dare to express ourselves authentically in all aspects of our lives without fear of losing the love of others because we know how to be in love with ourselves. We dare to live sensually, to enter into a deeper intimacy with each other and to connect with all parts of ourselves, including the wild woman. We accept ourselves, even our ‘imperfections’, we connect with greater self-esteem and our confidence take a little boost! Ultimately, we become less dependent on the opinion and love of others as we know we are enough and complete.

During this one-day workshop, the proposals will be varied and will lead us to explore:

- Dance
- Yoga and meditation
- Tantric exercises, such as eye gazing and light touch
- A healing ritual
- Communication exercises and sharing circles

All activities are suggestions, so nothing is mandatory. The space of exploration that we will create together encourages respect, openness and authenticity.

Who is this workshop for: Any adult women who is ready to make one beautiful and bold step on her journey to meet herself. No experience required beside an open mind and a desire to do inner exploration of the self.

Location: Flowland, 5369 St Laurent, Montréal, #310. Dial 700 at the entrance.

When: Saturday, September 28th, 2019, 9:30am to 6 pm (we will have one hour for lunch as well as short breaks)

Cost of the activity: $95 / lady (early-birds) - $115 / lady (after September 5th) (e-transfer interact to The payment confirms your registration. Space is limited.

Questions? Contact Véronique at

A few words about Véronique

Véronique is a Kundalini Yoga instructor, Tantric massage therapist, dancer and mediator who began her eclectic path at the age of 5 as a ballerina. Her interest in the body's expression and grace led her to study several types of dance as well as theater. For more than 12 years, she has been exploring yoga, tantra, sacred sexuality and various therapy approaches. Through her experiences, she has learned from the many traps in these spiritual environments and has at heart to transmit practices that work and are respectful of everyone's own rhythm.

The transformation of her relationship with her own body opened her to the multiple dimensions of touch. It is with softness and simplicity that it offers tantric massages, energetic care as well as accompaniment in tantra.

Véronique believes in the strength of women who come together. It is in this spirit that she offers this workshop to cultivate the confidence to work among women in order to act as resources for one and the other and not as rivals .

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