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Forum de ZEGG

  • Flowland 5369 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, #310 Montréal, QC, H2T 1S5 Canada (carte)
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During this workshop, we will sharpen our potential for presence, sensitivity and authenticity in groups. Used by many well-established intentional communities, the ZEGG Forum is a ritualized communication tool that allows the unveiling of what is alive in us. It will be at the centre of the circle that the one who feels his/her heart beat, will have the courage to make the jump to the unknown to be seen. To be seen is to be loved, and this love is only possible when our judgments fall to give place to a kindly listening and full of admiration for the diversity and complexity of the human spectacle.

According to the experimentation of several communities that regularly practice the Forum, an individual and collective metamorphosis settles over time. This practice reinforces the group's compassion and social consciousness as well as the common sense of belonging to humanity.

The long-term benefits for the group come from the courage of everyone and the support of all by offering the opportunity to share aspects of us that unfortunately have very little space or opportunities to express themselves in culture dominant. That's why we, Mélissa and Francis, see this form as an important social technology to share in the world since it is part of the advent of a new culture.


In addition to giving you a taste this experience, we would like to cultivate a shared interest of a group of individuals and develop a regular practice of the Forum in order to truly experience the power of this social technology. Thus, we are preparing a series of workshops for the fall.


When: Wednesday, September 25, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Where: Flowland, 5369 Boul. St-Laurent, suite 310. Dial 700 at the entrance.

Language: The workshop will be given in French and a translation will be offered to English speakers.


Early Bird: $20 + taxes (until Sept 18th)
Regular price: $25 + taxes

☆ As space is limited, please reserve your place by getting your ticket in advance.
**Tickets are transferable but non-refundable.**

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. It's a pleasure to welcome you!


MÉLISSA: Designer of memorable experiences and practitioner in ritual work (Ho rites of passage, 2018), Melissa integrates her love for our human nature in each of the activities she creates whether it is a rite of passage, a ritual, a retreat or activity of awareness with his company Ciotola - Design d’expériences mémorables.

Passionate about individual and collective well-being, then driven by a deep desire to create a positive impact in the world, Mélissa's academic career led her to take the planetary system as the first field of study (Bachelor of Environment and Development). Her focus then shifted to cities and regional development (Masters in Land Use Planning and Regional Development), and then she began to focus more on the well-being of the individual (training: yoga, dance, ritual work, group dynamics, leadership, collective intelligence and entrepreneurship).

Today, Melissa creates experiences that bring groups to wonder at the living, who is in us as well as outside of us.

FRANCIS: Called by the practices of presences, Francis ventured on several varied paths to deepen this subject which animates it. Moving from artistic exploration (dance, theater) to spiritual exploration (retreat of meditation, shamanic work) and teaching, the same thread is behind all these experiences: how to be more and more sensitive and authentic to what is now.

Recently, in his search for a presence on the art of living together more consciously, Francis found himself on the healing biotope of the name of Tamera in Portugal. During his stay in this intentional community, he discovered the practice of the ZEGG Forum which greatly impressed him because of his radical effect of presence on the participants.

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