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Improv Bootcamp

  • Flowland 5369 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, 310 Montréal, QC, H2T 1S5 Canada (carte)
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Improv bootcamp is an invitation to create imaginary worlds, sing and dance in front of others with pride and joy. 

This may be sound hard or maybe even terrifying, but as children we did all of these things, all of the time. Somewhere along the way, we learned that the joy of improvisation was reserved for certain 'skilled' people, and that we should just watch from the sideline. 

This is simply false. Everyone can improvise and access the pleasure that comes with creating freely with others in the moment, without judgement. In this one day intensive, we'll dive into three different improvisation disciplines, uncovering new uncharted territory and connecting with our inner improvisers OH YES! It will be fast-paced, exciting and boundary-pushing, and you'll always keep control of how far you want to go.

To prepare yourself, consider this question: "What experiences might open up for you if you felt free to improvise, dance and sing with all of your heart?"

This training is for: 

  • People with no absolutely no improv experience

  • Improvisers who wish to explore new vistas or deepen their practice.

  • Facilitators and coaches looking for new tools to spark creativity.  

You'll leave with: 

  • An expanded improvisational capacity.

  • A series of principles to help you improvise freely, wherever you go.

  • A foundation in improv theater, freestyle dancing & improv singing.

  • Exercises to strengthen your improv muscles.

  • Tricks for overcoming self-doubt and judgement.

9:45am arrival 
Introduction, circle-in 
Improv theatre, beyond 'yes, and'. 
12pm lunch (not included) 
Freestyle dancing, connecting with your movement
Improv singing for everyone 
Improvisation challenge 
4:30 circle-out, next steps  

Ezra Bridgman is a learning experience designer, certified coach, improviser and freestyle dancer. Many years ago, exasperated by the social decorum and scripted moments of adult life, he flew into the fantastical world of improvisation, dancing, singing and imagining himself towards a fuller connection with the present moment. Today, he creates powerful spaces of creative discovery and connection that are anything but scripted with clients such as C2 Montréal, Cirque du Soleil, Percolab, E-180, and Apathy is Boring. He holds a M Sc. in Management in social innovation contexts from HEC Montréal and a B.A. in Communication-human relations from UQAM. 

Training offered in English and in French. 

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