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Full Moon Integration of the Masculine and Feminine

  • Flowland 5369 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, 310 Montréal, QC, H2T 1S5 Canada (carte)

This Full Moon Integration Workshop is designed to open up the creative force of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within us all.

The Full Moon is a sacred time to identify and let go of what no longer serves us. To release any unhealthy patterns, bring the unconscious to the conscious. A time to expand our goals and dreams, and align them with our actions and make new agreements that are more aligned with your ‘true self’.

In this 3 hrs workshop we will explore the vibrant dance and the powerful medicine of Divine Masculine & Feminine… regardless the gender that we were born into. These Masculine / Feminine qualities live in all of us. When they're in conflict or imbalance with one another, this manifests as struggle and resistance in our lives. Resulting in confusion, lack of clarity or motivation, misunderstandings, conflict between inner and outer desires. There is often conflict in our relationships, our professional and creative endeavors… which can lead to dis-ease and burn out.

Come Learn and Integrate the Medicine of Conscious Masculine & Feminine.

You will:
♡ Understand the impact when Unconscious Masculine & Unconscious Feminine are present
♡ Get in touch with Conscious Masculine & Feminine within you
♡ Learn to call forth the masculine or feminine energy that is needed in the moment
♡ Increase your ability to understand and appreciate the opposite sex
♡ Learn how to create space for and bring forth this medicine in your relationships
♡ Learn to apply these principles in different areas of your life

What to expect at the workshop:
♡ Opening Ceremony to Create Sacred Space (Bring a sacred item for the alter)
♡ Group discussion (Share intentions, challenges, fears and dreams)
♡ Group interactive exercises (Rituals, practices, communications tools)
♡ Time for deep reflection (Journaling is strongly recommended. Please bring pen and journal)
♡ This workshop is open for couples as well as individuals. Individuals will be paired up for exercises.


Before June 14th: $35
After June 13: $40
At the Door, if there is space: $45

RSVP today! Group is limited to 22 people
Click here to book your spot:
or send an e-transfer to

Date: Tuesday, June 18th, 2019
Time: 7-10PM
Location: Flowland, 5369 boul st-laurent, suite 310. buzz 700 at the entrance

The reservation is made when the payment is made. Tickets are transferable but non-refundable.

This workshop will be held in English with participation in French welcome.

✨❤️ Marina & Greg

Full Moon Integration workshop is hosted by Marina Ejova and Greg Rex

::: About the facilitator, Marina Ejova :::

Marina is a Toltec teacher, Yoga and Meditation instructor, a Native American Red Path and Tantra practitioner, as well as a mama on a mission.

Marina’s story unfolds with pursuing a career in Human Relations in the medical field. She goes on to build a traditional family life with a spouse, a baby, a house, a dog, having many ‘influential’ friends and great options for entertaining weekends and vacations. Everything she thought she wanted… However, on the inside she was miserable, unfulfilled, insecure, stressed, anxious and feeling burnt out on any given Monday. She was praying for a miracle…

The miracle came when she met a spiritual teacher who led her to study the ancient yogic practices and spirituality, where her inner suffering was replaced by inner peace. She left the medical field and found the strength to leave her unhealthy marriage, the superficial ‘successful friends’ and began a new life.

Since then, she has never looked back and her joyful smile beams from within. She has completed numerous yoga teacher certifications, cutting edge personal development programs, and embarked on an empowering women’s Red Path with wise Native American teachers. She has been teaching people how to regain the true connection to their bodies, liberate their minds from limiting beliefs, and live incredibly thrilling and fulfilling lives.

Marina began her shamanic journey with the Toltec Mystery School in 2012 (The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz), and has been assisting people to transformational retreats to the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico.

She is part of the Divine Feminine Mystery school, and continues on the path of Tantra through ISTA - International School of Temple Arts. By integrating and combining these teachings her mission is to awaken the Embodied Feminine in us all and to use this wisdom and energy to transformation. With her magical feminine powers, Marina sets up a space for playfulness, freedom, healing, creativity and love. It becomes effortless to explore different facets of oneself, and to open up and play.

::: About the facilitator, Greg Rex :::

Greg Rex is a Certified Wellbeing Coach, Former Tony Robbins Trainer and Coach, a successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur, an author and a Shaman with 25 years of deep work and training with some of the best teachers alive.

Greg has always had a passion for being in service and exploring human potential. At San Diego State University he was chairman of the pre-med society and worked as a corpsman at the Naval Hospital. He left that field after a near death experience from a medical complication and realized “Heath Care” was not for him as it was actually sick care.

He completely changed directions and started his career working directly with success coach Tony Robbins. Greg found his gift for training and coaching and was named rookie of the year and national trainer in his mid 20’s. This opened the door to many other mentors and partners like Deepak Chopra where he learned about “Mind Body Medicine” and a more spiritual approach to life.

Even though Greg was brought up in a traditional, middle class Catholic family, he has always had an unconventional viewpoint and has followed the beat of his own drum. Having 5 near death experiences beginning at the age of 2, he has learned to see the world through the eyes of a Shaman.

Greg studies, practices and teaches from a variety of shamanic tradition and considers himself an Animist, the original spiritual belief of all indigenous cultures. Where Creator / Great Spirit is the union of two forces; Father Sky (the masculine & spiritual energies) and Mother Earth (the feminine & physical energies). Greg has the ability to integrate these ancient spiritual rituals and teaching into practical, applicable methods for creating sustainable transformation and evolution.

As a one of Americas first certified Coaches, Greg is a master at helping people get clear on their vision of an optimal life, guide them through transformational journey, empowering them to organize life around what matters most. Over the last 17 years his company has grown from 30 coaches to over 18,000 nationwide and his team has help transform the lives of over 150,000 people.

Greg lives in a cabin in the beautiful mountains of Lake Tahoe and also on the beaches of San Diego CA. He is avid surfer, snowboarder and yogi. He is also advancing through the Tantric Training of ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) and has created an amazing relationship with his beloved and co-facilitator of this event, Marina Ejova.

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