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AWAKEN THE BODY - Connect To The Heart

  • Flowland 5369 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, 310 Montréal, QC, H2T 1S5 Canada (carte)
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AWAKEN THE BODY - Connect To The Heart @ Flowland Montreal

Rebirthing Breath, Body De-armouring & Energetic Ecstatic Experience (full body energy "orgasm")

For women, men, singles, partners & LGBTQ

Only 24 spots available.

The workshop is in English.

For more information about the facilitator, please visit

Saturday June 15th, 10:00 - 17:30
Sunday June 16th, 10:00 - 17:00 

Pricing: $120 early bird (sold out of early bird)
$160 full price
$180 at the door. (See bottom of page for reservation details, specific pricing and practical information.)

AWAKEN THE BODY - Connect To The Heart is a transformative 2 day experience offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity to awaken and drop deeply into the body using Breathwork, Body De-armouring & Energetic Ecstatic Experiences (full body energy "orgasm"). The weekend is designed to support the state of "no-mind" and offer a space to love and nurture your somatic and energetic blockages and help connect you back to source.

Day 1 (Saturday): Feeling & breathing into presence - Breathwork & Body De-armouring

Body De-armouring is a transformational experience that encourages our life force energy to once again move throughout our bodies using techniques that focus pressure on areas of the body that are most susceptible to building armour such as our heart center or solar plexus. By keeping continuous steady pressure to these and other energetic meridians one can help re-stimulate the flow of energy and help pave the way for release. For an example of De-armouring consider watching these videos:

Day 2 (Sunday): Opening the heart, allowing joy & pleasure - Breathwork & Energetic Ecstatic Experiences (full body energy "orgasm")

Originating from ancient systems of energy practices, an Energetic Ecstatic Experience is re-awakening practice that helps us build and circulate our sexual, creative or life force energy throughout our body. Sometimes referred to as “full body energy orgasm” this technique can be a pleasure-elevating experience. It is intended to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and offer us an opportunity to access higher states of consciousness by experiencing deep joy and what some call “cosmic energetic pleasure”. For an example of a Energetic Ecstatic Experience, consider watching this video:


Both days will will include a morning session of breathwork. About Rebirthing Breathwork...

Breathing is considered an autonomic (unconscious) body function. Conscious breathing however, offers us the opportunity to lean into our most negative patterned thoughts and behaviours; our most deeply rooted physical, emotional and energetic traumas. When we breath consciously it transmutes our most unconscious daily activity into our most healing and can bring about great awareness by connecting us to our higher consciousness. In fact, ancient Greeks called breath “Pneuma” (or “Psyche”) which translated to “soul” or “spirit” because they long recognized that conscious breathing is a powerful restorative practice that can bring us back to source. For an example of the breathwork we will use throughout the entire weekend, consider watching this video:


If you suffer from serious anxiety, heart conditions, glaucoma or have recently had a major operation please inform me ahead of time. 

Breathwork, De-armouring & Energetic Ecstatic Experience’s are always done in pairs yet it is not necessary to come with a partner. Furthermore, both practices can be done with the same sex or opposite sex.


• Saturday & Sunday: consider bringing a packed lunch so you can stay in the “safe & calm container”. You are of course welcome to go out for lunch but do note that lunch is only 1 hour long. 
• Water bottle
• Notebook and pen (If you wish to take notes)
• A Yoga or thin mat and a cushion (Flowland does have these items if you forget or do not have)
• Sarong or light blanket 
• An open heart and mind
• Participants are encouraged to wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.


$120 - first 10 tickets sold (These tickets are sold out)
$160 - regular price
$180 - at the door

Payments must be paid in full upon booking. 

No refunds after May 23rd.

Payments can be made to (please send as “friend or family” to avoid fees) or (using bank e-transfer). Please confirm your payment and contact information (name & e-mail)

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