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Masters of Sex - A Course for Men

  • Flowland 5369 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, 310 Montréal, QC, H2T 1S5 Canada (carte)

Have you ever wanted to play her body like a music instrument?

Do you have a sense that more is possible through sex, and you're curious to know how?

Let's talk about mastering sex.

It is such a complicated and desired phenomena. It is instinctively implanted in our DNA driving billions of behaviors for most people on this planet. It has the power to be the source of ecstasy, love, and self-worth or frustration, loneliness, and self-destruction.

As a society, we are educated to dissect a problem into its parts and solve. For men especially, we use our minds and hands to strategize and fix. This orientation to life is phenomenal when it comes to science, technology, or law. However, when you bring this mentality to sex and women, suddenly the genius mechanism for success becomes the root of disappointment.

Masters of Sex is a deep dive into the paradigms and technicalities necessary to have consistent epic pleasure and connection with a woman.

In this workshop we will tap into:
-What it is a woman actually wants
-What porn and society has taught you that is fundamentally WRONG
-How to penetrate through emotional storms and lead towards bliss
-How to meet each moment with perfect pitch resonance and mastery
-Liberation when things get messy and confusing

This workshop becomes a doorway to:
-Empowerment towards have choice with ejaculation and climax
-Empowerment towards having attention that nourishes and blossoms your partner
-A sex life full of electricity and hot passion
-A sex life where you are left wowed and genuinely amazed
-An opening towards the sacredness of sexuality

This one day course is designed to imprint a paradigm shift for an ecstatic fulfilling sex life. It will consist of lecture topics, experiential exercises, and a deep vulnerable dive into your struggles and questions regarding sex.

This course is for men; people who identify as a men are welcome and although we will discuss mostly of men-women dynamics, people of all sexual orientations are welcome.

The workshop will be co-taught between Balwin Ratra and Emilie Guimond-Bélanger to balance masculine and feminine perspectives.

It will be held at Flowland, in Montréal on May 25th from 10am-5pm.

No nudity is involved and the exercices in the course are not sexual.

** Balwin Ratra **

This journey has taken me from academic scholar, to professional poker player, to actor, to Daoism and Eastern meditation practices, to self help gurus, to profound yogic sexual communities. All of which have guided me to breathe what fulfills me most: a coaching career in supporting and igniting people who are inspired to pursue and live their most intimate dreams. I have become a prolific teacher and coach in Los Angeles where I pursue my studies of sacred sex, masculinity and love.

‘'I feel lucky to have found Balwin as a guide in the realm of sexuality. I honestly don’t know who’d I’d be if I had not learned about different perspectives and modalities of sexuality from him. I thank him for holding space for me when I was conflicted about unfulfilling sexual endeavors and for the healthy relationship I have around my own sex having come from a place of much shame. Balwin has been invaluable in my life as a teacher and space holder. I trust him completely’’ -Gustavo

'Balwin’s coaching was instrumental to me learning how to be vulnerable as a man. It helped me restore connections with friends and family alike. It made me feel in touch with my emotions again. Balwin has a very fine tuned skill as a coach to find the ‘’spot’’ with careful and mindful precision. His coaching style is very gentle yet penetrating enough to quickly get past the stories and negative self talk. My quality of life has definitely improved since receiving Balwin’s coaching.’’ - Steven Nievas

** Emilie Guimond-Bélanger **

In my mid-twenties, I found myself at an interesting crossroads of either pursuing a political career or studying orgasm. That was perhaps the first time I choose to break the rules. And so I moved to United States and spent the next years studying conscious sexuality with internationally renowned teachers. Now that I’m back home, my deepest purpose is to share, teach and coach individuals who want to experience fulfillment in their sex life. After teaching mostly to women, I'm particularly excited to bring my experiences and special touch to a group of men who are committing to go deeper.

« It feels amazing to be in a class with Emilie. She holds the space so well that I felt it’s easy to open up, and share vulnerably. In a group course, she is able to address each student with such a personalized quality to her attention that I got exactly what I came for. » - Elvira

« If I describe Emilie as a coach I would say that she has an inspiring positive energy and a powerful drive. Working with her, I felt accepted, encouraged to be myself even in places I used to be embarrassed or felt shame. She was able to help me open up, and let go of my guards. » - Joe

We are very excited to Fly Balwin Ratra into Montréal for this unique men's workshop. Space is limited to 20 students and will most likely sold out quickly.

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The course is 149$ per person.

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