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Tantra for Women ~ Reclaim your desire

  • Flowland 5369 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, 310 Montréal, QC, H2T 1S5 Canada (carte)

The Tantra for Women workshop is a safe, nurturing circle for women to look within ourselves and to tap into the magical, sensual energy of our womb and awaken you to the Embodied Feminine. She is the one who lives fully in her body, sensing every desire, every sensation, every need and acts accordingly. She knows her shadow, and her pleasures, she doesn't resist either one.

The workshop consists of:

♡ Getting to know your body on many levels
♡ Releasing blocked energy so you can be fully expressed
♡ Group interactive exercises
♡ Senses awakening puja

You will:

♡ Increase the ability to feel pleasure
♡ Use the magic of your womb
♡ Get in touch with your Embodied Feminine
♡ Learning the Tantric Breath techniques

* There is no nudity

Early bird (before May 10th): $39
$44 regular

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Location: 5369 boul st-laurent, suite 310. buzz 700 at the entrance

The reservation is made when the payment is made. Tickets are transferable but non-refundable.

This workshop will be held in English with participation in French welcome.

Let's dive into the Yoniverse

✨❤️ Marina

::: About the facilitator, Marina Ejova :::

Marina is a Toltec teacher, Yoga and Meditation instructor, a Native American Red Path and Tantra practitioner, as well as a mama on a mission.

Marina’s story unfolds with pursuing a career in Human Relations in the medical field. She goes on to build a traditional family life with a spouse, a baby, a house, a dog, having many ‘influential’ friends and great options for entertaining weekends and vacations. Everything she thought she wanted… However, on the inside she was miserable, unfulfilled, insecure, stressed, anxious and feeling burnt out on any given Monday.. She was praying for a miracle..

And the miracle came, she met a spiritual guide who led her to study the ancient yogic practices and spirituality, where her inner suffering was replaced by inner peace. She left the medical field and found the strength to leave her unhealthy marriage, and the superficial ‘successful friends’ and began a new life. Since then, she has never looked back and her joyful smile beams from within. She has completed numerous yoga teacher certifications, cutting edge personal development programs, and embarked on an empowering women’s Red Path with wise Native American teachers. She has been teaching people how to regain the true connection to their bodies, liberate their minds from limiting beliefs, and live incredibly thrilling and fulfilling lives.

Marina began her shamanic journey with the Toltec Mystery School in 2012 (The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz), and has been assisting people to transformational retreats to the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico.

She is part of the Divine Feminine Mystery school, and continues on the path of Tantra through ISTA - International School of Temple Arts. Combining all these teachings to awaken the Embodied Feminine, feminine wisdom and energy in her work. With her magical powers, Marina sets up a space for playfulness, freedom, healing, creativity and love. It becomes effortless to explore different facets of oneself, open up and play.

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