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Resilience, a systemic workshop by Denis Petrov

  • Flowland 5369 boul St-Laurent, 310 Montreal Canada (carte)

What makes us resilient and what takes resilience away from us?

In which contexts of everyday life does clarity and stability disappear, where we don’t feel as confident or as certain as we normally do?

The group work will address the non-physical aspects of resilience. There will be exercises done individually and in small groups that focus participants’ attention on invisible mechanisms that connect us to the world around us, and to the ties that charge our perception of particular situations, people, or circumstances, as well as the hidden values of things we struggle with daily.

We will observe what we actually perceive as resilience and lack of resilience. What does it really mean for ourselves, for our “inner mind”? We will apply the tools brought from Systemic (Family) Constellations to explore the configuration of factors that influence our everyday being.

Reconfiguration, achieved step-by-step, gives the opportunity to evolve further the habitual patterns, or ways to respond to challenges that are difficult. With each exercise, the variety of available choices of opportunities become wider.

From this work, you can gain more self-acceptance, more ease in decision-making, as well as a greater willingness to act freely.

The workshop provides an opportunity to see the sources of instability in ourselves, and our experience, and gradually unload, leave a burden of “wrong triggers” and habitual patterns.

You’re welcome to join.

Denis Petrov, facilitator of the workshop
Phone: 514-239-6532

Price: $65

The workshop will be held in English. Though most of the exercises could be done in the language of participant. An adequate comprehension of English is necessary to understand instructions.

Please reserve your place in advance. You can confirm your reservation by writing to Denis by email / text message at the number above.

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