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Mindshift: The Power of Mind-Body Reframing

  • Flowland 5369 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, suite 310 Montréal, QC, H2T 1S5 Canada (carte)

Mindshift will be hosted by Nicolò F Bernardi, Ph.D.


Happiness boils down to a simple factor: the story we tell ourselves.

It only takes a split second for our brains to interpret things in a certain way.

.......Threat or opportunity?
............................Failure or learning?
........................................Machine or living ecosystem?

These are just a few examples of how we may frame a situation one way or another. Imagine the difference it makes for the actions we take and the outcomes we get!

Happiness, compassion, energy, drive, success, growth and a thriving ecosystem, ultimately, all come from our ability to take control of the story inside our heads.

But how, concretely, can we take control of our stories? How can we take a situation and creatively generate a rich set of possible meanings? How do we craft the frame of mind that can get us unstuck and empower us moving forward?

If these questions fire you up, I am deeply excited to welcome you to MINDSHIFT: The power of mind-body reframing.


This one-day workshop will equip you with an arsenal of techniques and tools that will expand your repertoire when it comes to reframing your experiences. Engaging the mind and the body, you will get to work on the important issues in your life using ideas and practices from cognitive sciences, mindfulness, positive psychology, liberating structures, theory U, neurolinguistic programming, and others. Come prepared to an experiential bootcamp in looking at a situation from different perspectives. Expect to leave with stronger muscles when it comes to agility and nimbleness of mind.


Because our brains have been hard-wired to quickly and automatically generate stories for us. Over the course of million of years of evolution, our way of looking at things has been skewed toward short-term survival. But short-term survival has little to do with happiness, success and thriving. Gaining control over millions of years of evolution requires skill, knowledge, training and having readily available options. This is what MINDSHIFT is about.

MINDSHIFT utilizes a whole-brain rewiring approach that combines:

➤ analytic strategies: leveraging the power of strategizing, abstraction and cognitive reframing;

➤ embodied strategies: leveraging the power of emotions, the wisdom of the body and intuitive reframing.

The strategies you will practice in this workshop may help you in situations such as:

✔︎ Reduce stress in everyday situations;
✔︎ Productively address points of conflict in intimate relationships;
✔︎ Overcome doubt, fear and confusion around career options;
✔︎ Accelerate your learning curve in an area of your interest;
✔︎ Overcome addictions and unhealthy behaviors
✔︎ Gain clarity over the priorities in your life

MINDSHIFT is an opportunity to:

✔︎ Dedicate time to yourself, to reflect on the important events of your life
✔︎ Explore new and different meanings for the things that matter to you
✔︎ Learn a set of tools that you can use to look at things in different ways
✔︎ Receive support by fellow learners
✔︎ Be there for others and support them in their discoveries
✔︎ Invite your body in the process of sense-making


Saturday October 26th, 2019
Please arrive between 8:30 and 9am. Event starts at 9am. Closure circle: 5pm.


Flowland Montreal:
5369 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2T 1S5. Suite #310


Places are limited, reserving your place is recommended
Super early bird: 60$, valid until Oct 16th
Early bird: 80$, valid until Oct 23rd
Regular price: 100$, after Oct 23rd

Payment options:
E-transfer Interac to;
PayPal to;
Cash at the door if there is space;

Please inquire by email ( about space availability before submitting your payment. Tickets are transferable but not refundable. Thank you.


✔︎ At least three specific issues in your life that you want to work on during the workshop; these could be challenges you are facing or opportunities you are considering, in any domain, including your personal life, your work, your health, relationships, etc.
✔︎ A journal and a pen
✔︎ Comfortable clothing (the workshop will include gentle body stretches).


・Mindshift is a substance-free event, please no drugs, smoking or alcohol
・All activities are optional, you are invited to adapt and adjust all instructions to your own needs


Reach out to Nicolò:

ABOUT Nicolò F Bernardi, PhD

I’m a neuroscientist, organizational development consultant, yoga teacher, kirtan musician, music therapist, mindfulness and authentic relating facilitator. My published research has shown that freely moving to music enhances pleasure and flow, that meditation boosts blood oxygenation and that when people come together they spontaneously tend to breathe together. In my work as a consultant, I am passionate about spreading the practice of mindfulness in the workplace to leaders, teams and organizations. The rest of the time I sit, breathe, love, listen, rejoice, reframe, sometimes struggle, dance and play.

Photo by Matthew Bennett on Unsplash

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