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Closure 2018 & Vision 2019: Creative invocation

  • Flowland 5369 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, 310 Montréal, QC, H2T 1S5 Canada (carte)
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Are you already imagining yourself in 2019?

Do you need to take time to invoke 2019 among a supportive and creative group?

It's time to create an incredible year, from your wildest dreams, your desires and hope for yourself, for your loved ones and for the world ... who needs you, happy, centred empowered and fulfilled.

This is a ritual and creative workshop facilitated by Alice Albertini, art therapist, creative workshops and dreamwork facilitator.

First, we will review our past year 2018 and we will thank it for its gifts and teachings, before a closing ceremony of letting go of what doesn’t serve us anymore.

Then, we will make a creative and deep journey where we will invoke the year 2019 of our uncensored dreams. This will be done through the creative process, drawing, colors, movement and a collage Vision Board,  mapping all desire spheres of our life in 2019.

No talent or art skills needed to participate.


This workshop will take place in two steps:

First, we will have the opportunity to assess, reflect and celebrate 2018 with creative inquiry. We will look in which aspects of our life we want to let go and which we want to keep in ourselves for the rest of the journey. We will have the opportunity to release heavy stuff that doesn’t serve us anymore. We will also express our gratitude for all gifts received in 2018. This part will close with a letting go ritual. This part will leave a clear inner space to dream and manifest the next year.

Second, we will have the opportunity to make contact with your own dreams and desires. Those who are most known, but also those who are deep hidden in your heart. This will be an invitation to unleash your imagination about all things you are passionate about. It will be an opportunity not only to imagine with all its details, but also to manifest it into action. COME CREATE THE MOST MAGICAL YEAR OF YOURS!

Art knows no limits to what is possible. This workshop is an opportunity for you to put in a "magic" big picture who will magnetize your best life in 2019. Collage making will inspire you to plant action seeds that will grow in the world in the year to come.

*4 hours ceremony*

• Opening circle

• Guided visualization

• Writing 

• Dance and guided movements

• Creative process and collage 

• Group sharing

• Closing ritual

* the workshop will be held in French, with English translation possible *


• Water bottle

• Notebook and pen

• A photocopy of a photo of you

• Magazines with themes that you like (optional)

• An object representing what you want to let go (optional)

✦ COST ✦

$ 55 early bird before December 15th.
$ 65 after.
$ 75 at the door.

Spaces are limited, RSVP today. 

Please note that your full payment is required to reserve your place.

Tickets are not refundable but transferable.


Alice Albertini is an art therapist, creative workshop and dreamwork facilitator. She has been involved for 10 years in many transformation tools: art-journaling, Biodanza, neo-tantra and mindfulness. She accompanies people and groups to reconnect with their authentic self through their creative power, with rituals and archetypes exploration. Her approach combines depth with fun, holding the point between both.

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