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Flow Lab: Release

  • Flowland 5369 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, 310 Montréal, QC, H2T 1S5 Canada (carte)
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Does your body-mind feel heavy, stuck, scattered, stressed, sad, rigid, fearful, tired?

Are you noticing familiar patterns arising, such as self-judgement, insecurity, inadequacy, confusion, control?

Whatever you may be experiencing now, physical movement offers a fast way to drop the stories, and release the energies that aren’t serving you. This lightly-guided evening of movement and dance supports the circulation of energy, and a return to your essence.


Flow Lab: Explore non-verbal connection through free movement and dance to re-discover your essence. With music and guidance by Solomon Krueger.

Saturday, Dec 15, 2018, 8:30pm-11pm. Doors open between: 8:15-9pm.

Price: $26 (tax included)

If the price is limiting your participation, we offer a few discounted places upon request (by email).


As space is limited, it’s required to reserve your place in advance. The reservation is made when the payment is made. Tickets are transferable but non-refundable.


Reminders to support a positive experience for everyone:

✦ Move your body however you wish. Flow is an embodying practice that encourages the opening and expression of your true self.

✦ Drug-Free, Smoke-Free, Alcohol-Free environment.

✦ This is a fragrance-free event. Please do not wear any scented deodorants, lotions, perfumes, essential oils, or chemically-based makeups.

✦ Awareness and respect for the space and each other.

Thank you for your cooperation and respect for the quality of this event! See you soon!

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