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Live conscious love everyday

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Live conscious love everyday!
Hosted by Claude Parisot (en français)

Imago therapy is an approach and way to live in conscious relationship. This method is used in more than 52 countries. It offers the opportunity to learn a way to communicate and take care of the relationship space to deepen the connection and intimacy.

It is with joy that I invite you to discover and experience this magnificent method that has transformed the life of couples that I have been accompanying for over 10 years.

If you want to live deep and authentic relationships that allow you to evolve together, this evening is for you, whether you are a couple or not, because Imago is a way to live in connection in all its relationships.

Program of the evening:
- The mystery of the love attraction
- How to reveal the gold nuggets behind the conflict
- To live a conscious communication in the authenticity and the opening of the heart
- The evolution of a romantic relationship towards a deep and genuine love
- Experimenting with a Imago dialogue

For more information on the method, visit: www.therapie-couple.orgInscriptions:

Please reserve your place by email:

Fee: Between $ 10 and $ 20. (Please pay at the door.)

Claude Parisot: IMAGO Certified Couple Therapist (in France), Certified Imago Supervisor (in France) and Trainee Facilitator, Claude is also trained in different therapeutic approaches and sex therapy (in France). For more than 18 years, He has been trying to put more awareness and empathy in all forms of relationships and relationships, and more specifically in the relationship.

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