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Songs of Femininity

  • Flowland 5369 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, 310 Montréal, QC, H2T 1S5 Canada (carte)

Songs of Femininity, with Eve-Marie Roy


When a woman surrenders to sing and dance with her soul, the whole world, in its subtle matrices, is moved and expands from it. Her sound ripples in the collective consciousness, transforms and expands its field.

This workshop is an invitation to open your own unique voice with everything it encompasses. The full spectrum of emotions that comes with it. For centuries, we’ve been taught and conditioned to shut our voices down. And that’s because a woman that sings with all she is can change the world around her!

This workshop is an open hand to help you rise and tonify your ability to dive within your own well and use your voice to alchemize and express, create magic and beauty with what is in you, from the inside out.

This workshop is also an invitation to nourish an open heart space within a community of women, a circle of sharing, in favour of each other authentic expression. Within each of our vocal sharing resides a healing treasure. When a circle of women gathers to witness and partake into that process, true magic happen.

In order for a voice to be moving and whole, it must pass through the kingdom of darkness; be birthed with the tribal indigenous earth forces and subconscious mind, rise within the body and embrace the emotions stored in there, and reach the elemental and angelic kingdom.

This workshop offers you an exploration of these three levels of expression, supported by very simple instruments to accompany your journey.

In an open hearted space, you will be invited to explore with the following practices: 

-Breath work, to sing with your vital force, vital energy, rooted in your body and by doing so, activate your vertical channel

-Dance and move to contact and untied your blocages, while working with your subtle bodies 

-Experience, with group support, emotional releases, breaking barriers which allows you to reach the fullness of your vocal expression

-Use your emotions as a key to deepen and get to know the various textures of your unique expression, your own sensitivity and tones

-…and MUCH MORE!!

✦ BIO ✦

We are made of sound. Our singing voice echoes our inner most fabric and reveals it to the world.

Eve Marie discovered her voice during an ermitage in the forest. Since then, she’s been passionate about the expansive powers of the singing voice in all it’s dimensions: To heal and alchemize our emotions, free up our sensitive nature, connect to other realms, ancestors, guides, elementals, etc., to ground ourselves in the body and fortify our subtle dimensions at the same time. Our singing voice is a key. 

Eve-Marie gives workshops, retreats, performances around the world as a sound healer and singer writer composer, fascinated by the sacred inheritance of our planet and the songs of our ancestors.


Thursday, November 29 , 7-10pm
5369 boul. St-Laurent, #310. A warm and comfortable space. 
Cost: $35 plus taxes ($40.24)

It’s required to reserve your place in advance. Thank you.

1. First Send an email for confirmation that there is a spot for you at

2. Please pay beforehand by:
---> by Interac transfer: send payment to;
(Security question: Which class? Answer: evemarie)

**Tickets are transferable but non-refundable.**

- Arrive 15 minutes before the start
- All are welcome
- Bring comfortable clothing
- If you have any questions, contact us.

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