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Recharge OstéoSonIQ | Concert thérapeutique

  • Flowland 5369 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, 310 Montréal, QC, H2T 1S5 Canada (carte)
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Crystal Bowls + Vibrational Chant + Osteo

A powerful meditative experience offered by William James Rochford, Stephanie Pichette Pedemay, osteopath, and Solomon K.

•=• WELCOME •=•

It isn’t always easy to find space to really just relax. To “tune out”… and “tune in”… A safe space to let go of the stresses and resistances of the day… An intentional space to connect to something larger than oneself.

To an essence… a feeling…

The OsteoSonIQ Recharge is a heartfelt and inspired concert. With crystal bowls, live intuitive chanting, and other magical instruments, this is the perfect place to BE with yourself. To dive ever deeper into your meditation. In order to really offer you a profound, holistic experience, we’ve added the presence of Stephanie. She is an exceptional osteopath who will offer her intuitive support to the group, so that the experience can be even more transformational, even more profound, with even more Flow.

So you can take that “really good” feeling with you into your daily life. And in everything you create.

Please reserve your spot today, as spaces are limited.

•=• THE SPACE •=•

Flowland Montreal is a cozy loft space in the heart of the Mile-End. Solomon is an exceptional host (William's words) who takes great care in making you feel as comfortable as possible. Mattresses will be laid out for your comfort, and you will have access to pillows and blankets (although you should probably bring your own blanket if you know you're gonna want one, as they are limited).

•=• THE DEETS •=•

When: Wednesday, November 21 | 8-10 PM
Flowland : 5369 Boul. St-Laurent, suite 310
buzz #700 at the entrance.

•=• YOGAMAGE •=•

William is passionate about self-transformation. An artist at heart, he has always been actively growing through the use of his voice, be it as a singer/songwriter, as a fan of music, or as an intuitively guided singer of vibrational chants. SonIQ Recharge is an experience that found him, and he has been devoted to its refinement and sharing it for the past year or so. William also offers enveloping yoga classes, Transformational Sleep Sessions (Yoga Nidra), and is co-lead singer in the popular kirtan group Jaya Sangha.

Art, yoga, community, transformation - all of these are inseparable aspects of one, great, unified whole, through which we may increasingly open up to a meaningful and joyful life.


Stephanie is an osteopath and art-therapist who has always taken to heart the vocation of supporting people in the healing process of their body, heart, mind and spirit. Her hands hold a natural magnetism and know-how that allow to clear up the energetic blockages of our inner river’s flow. Her heart offers a welcoming space which allows us to be exactly who and how we are, in order to facilitate our personal transitions and to touch our true nature. During the sound bath, using respectful touch, energetic work, and her simple openness and deep listening, she offers her presence to what needs to be shed light on, made aware of, and released in a soft, supportive way.


"A concert for my cells. Advanced vibrational harmonics at once soothing and exalting." - Carole H.

"A magnificent voice that guides us towards our essence." - Nancy L.

"Absolutely amazing!" - Monia


SPECIAL - First 10 tickets :: $31 plus taxes (35.64$)
Pre-sale :: $35 plus taxes (40.24$)
At the door :: $40 (if spaces are still available) plus taxes (46$)

☆ It’s required to reserve your place in advance. Thank you.

**Tickets are transferable but non-refundable.**

•=• REMINDER •=•

☆ Arrive 15 minutes before the start
☆ All are welcome

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